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Certificate Management

The general certificate management features are available under:

Elearning > Certificates Management > Certificates

Here you can create certificate templates and manage and release certificates for all the courses

certificate management explained

Certificate Template

It is possible to create an unlimited number of templates, each of those can be assigned to multiple courses.

Certificate content can be easily created with a text editor, using placeholder "tags" where dinamic content should appear based on user and course informations.

It is recommended to place the text inside a table: this will help you correctly place your text, your images and your text in the correct positions.

certificate template

Multipage Certificates

You can create multipage certificates by adding a page break wher you want the certificate to be split.

In the editor menu click on

Insert > PageBreak

The background image will be repeated on each page.

Background image

The background image should be an A4. In pixels, it can be 595 * 842 with a low image resolution, or up to 2480 px * 3508 px with a 300 dpi resolution.


Click this icon for a preview of your template


Click this icon for a list of all the courses using this certificate:

certificate management release

Click on the course title for a list of the users and their release status in each course:

certificate course release

Available options:

Field visibility: add other columns to the table 

Advanced Search: add advanced search filters to table header

Generate all the selected certificates, to make them available for download

Download all the selected certificates in a single zip file

Delete a certificate and generate it again


Direct Course Access:
Please note this same user list is available from the course management for easier consultation(see below)


Administrator View:
This users list is automatically filtered on administrator assignements: each administrator will see only its assigned users


Change the name, code and description of the template

Course Certificate Management

From the course management area you can:

  1. Assign one or more certificates to a course
  2. Check and manage released certificates


certificate course management explained


you can assign to an administrator profile both features, or just the certificate release management. Check the administrator guide page for details

Assign Certificate to a course

Click this icon to assign a certificate template to a course

You can assign different certificate templates for different user status.

Click on the "number of released certificates" to see the list of subscribed users and their status:

certificate course assign



Click on this icon to see a  list of the users and their release status in each course.

(See above: Certificate Management > Release)

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