User/objects grid - Language Support

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User/objects grid - Language Support

Post by murat »

User/objects grid example link: formalms/appLms/index.php?r=coursestats/show&id_module_sel= &id_main_sel=
And when you look at the report and download csv file , you can see "ab-initio" text. But it shoul be "Started".

Therefore, I changed this report controllers file and I added new lib file for this report page.

You must change only old files with attachment files.

Note: Please you must change wtih new zip file.Because I updated zip file for (User/objects grid ) user detail pages
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english screen
english screen
italian screen
italian screen
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Re: User/objects grid - Language Support

Post by max »

Thank you Murat. It's a small thing, but this issue has puzzled users for years....
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