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DIGITAL ONBOARDING. Attract and retain talent in the company with game based learning solutions!

Numerous studies have shown that a well-designed onboarding process generates a greater positive impact on new hires and sets new employees for success. Thanks to our gamification platform game4skill it is possible to create a captivating and engaging onboarding experience.

What Does Corporate Onboarding Mean?

"Corporate Onboarding"  is the mechanism by which new employees acquire the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to become effective members of the company.  It is not simply a matter of transmitting company policies to new hires, but of creating connections, and sharing responsibilities and relationships with colleagues as well as company culture. This usually happens in the first days when the new collaborator is welcomed. But it can – and in some cases must – find space throughout the company's growth path.

According to the multinational strategic consultancy Gartner , new hires often feel insecure in their new role in the company. 46% of all new hires sampled would not repeat the job change . Indeed, 38% said they were ready to leave the new position within 12 months of joining. But there is another interesting fact that emerges: the cost of finding a new hire is continually increasing; according to international estimates, in 2017 it reached a +26% compared to an increase of 18% in 2015. The cost of the turnover can reach up to 150% of the remuneration package of the departed staff. The high cost of turnover is the reason that explains the importance of employee retention.


The Importance of Effective and Well-Structured Onboarding

The question arises spontaneously: how much does good onboarding influence employee retention and cost reduction for new hires in a company? A well-designed onboarding program would help reverse the physiological turnover dynamics. Recent research from Glassdoor shows that effective onboarding improves new hire retention by 82% and improves new hire productivity by 70%. Not just this: The most effective onboarding training programs are those that leverage advanced learning tools. These are eLearning platforms focused on specific and customized approaches based on the resource to be trained. Companies that use Corporate Onboarding via an eLearning platform are 300% more satisfied when compared to their competitors who use obsolete and ineffective technologies. Thi translates into significant gains in terms of time-to-proficiency and retention of new hires.


The Advantages of Digital Onboarding with Gamification Programs 

Thanks to the versatility of a game based learning platform , companies can create innovative and engaging onboarding plans that stimulate the curiosity of new employees even before they join the company, welcoming them with customized communications and specific messages containing information created especially for them. Thanks to the gamification layer, the new hire will be able to live a unique and unrepeatable experience, immediately feeling involved and participating in the process of joining the company. Metaphors, storytelling, tasks to complete, and missions to complete make this HR process innovative and stimulating. Furthermore, it is possible to have the onboarding process within reach of your smartphone! The onboarding app makes everything simpler and closer to the language of generation Z.

A Corporate Onboarding program designed through a game-based learning approach offers practical and concrete advantages, both in terms of brand presentation and employee loyalty. For example, employees can complete training courses, pass tests, and review training content whenever they want: at home, on the road, in a coffee shop, or during work breaks.

In particular, four clear advantages emerge:

  • Promoting a sense of belonging to the company towards the new employee: it is possible to propose a series of short videos containing welcome messages and video tutorials for insertion into the new organizational reality;
  • Diffusing corporate culture and values: the app can propose successful case histories and narratives from colleagues or customers who talk about their vision of the company and the brand.
  • Technical and strategic training for best practices and behaviors: It allows you to reproduce and simulate real situations or scenarios that could arise in the new collaborator's activity.
  • The employee can rely on continuous educational support over time . A system that integrates with the broader resource management process applied by the company. Real-time training pills and communications scheduled over time.


Obviously, the advantage is also for companies, that can monitor the engagement and progress achieved during the Onboarding proces. Through the detailed statistics made available by elearning tools, it is easy to collect data on the use of learning contents. Business leaders can track the results of various departments, teams and individual students.

Thanks to our gamification platform game4skill it is possible to create a captivating and engaging onboarding experience with the features described in this article.


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