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E-Learning, a valid support to bridging the skill gap

The health emergency due to the impact of COVID-19 has forced our society to evaluate alternatives to interpersonal confrontation, supported by digital videocommunication and sharing technologies. From companies to schools, from training to events, everyone in these hours focuses on smart - online and digital solutions to give a guarantee of continuity in learning. 

So all of a sudden, the health emergency has redefined the methods of continuous updating, favoring online platforms over residential events. On this occasion, some obstacles that seemed insuperable were downsized or totally dismissed, both by company managers who had so far shown resistance to digital, and by customers who have suddenly discovered the ease and convenience of online, both by teachers and despite having digital teaching platforms had always been careful not to use them to their full potential. And if the contingency has given a boost to digital training, the success of the latter has been highlighted several times by studies and research that have demonstrated its effectiveness and efficiency from different points of view. 

According to some research, the global eLearning market is fast growing and expected to reach $398 billion by 2026. As such, to remain competitive in the industry, you need to adjust to every trend in order to improve your training.

Below you find six reason why you should use e-learning (in particular Forma LMS), to shorten your skill gap! 

  1. Economy of scale. Training requires great investment efforts in terms of time and budget. E-learning reduces part of these costs because it reduces the time it takes to move the teacher and the organization of the classes. The cost of installing an elearning platform in comparison is much lower and allows you to call hundreds of users in the classroom at the same time.
  2. Flexibility over time. Online courses satisfy the modern need for timelessness. Taking an online course means not being obliged to respect a timetable but having complete flexibility in managing usage times.
  3. Optimized content and ex post insights. An online training content implies a great preparation and a manic control, this means that, when the course is well done, the content is short, precise and exhaustive.
  4. It has no boundaries. The removal of language barriers allows you to take lessons taught in any language. On the other hand, for companies or entities that need to reach users located in different countries, there is the possibility of localizing online courses in multiple languages ​​while still ensuring the focus of training management and uniform content.
  5. Speeds up learning. Staff updating and training times are reduced thanks to the speed, ease and flexibility of online access to training content.
  6. Evaluations and feedback. Thanks to the presence of interactions, tests and exercises, you can check the learning status and deepen the contents in case of gaps.Our team is available to organize demo sessions of our solutions (platforms and e-learning content) to support distance learning.

Given all of these facts and plentiful benefits that online learning provides, it really is clear that eLearning is absolutely essential in today’s fast-paced world. It represents the most effective way of learning and helps organizations create high-quality employee training at a lower cost, empowering their workforce to keep improving and be genuinely excited about learning.


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