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Forma Lms: have you ever used it for auditing?

In this article we host Eng. Stefano Valsecchi of Ergoservice, who shows us a new horizon for the use of our Forma Lms platform.


Collaborative and Test Area

The idea arose by studying the potential of the "collaborative area" and the "Test" tool.

Taking care of audits for company management systems , I have been looking for a way of working for a long time that would allow a remote collaboration between auditor and company, both synchronous and asynchronous, fully traceable.

In our business, travel has a strong impact on costs and working times, as well as being a source of pollution: why not use digital technology, given that the UNI EN 19011.2018 standard allows remote auditing?

Forma Lms tools

Below we show the functionality of the platform that we can easily use for the characteristic activities of the audits.

1. Calendar

Let's start with the planning , for which we can use the calendar function by sharing it with the various company functions for which special accounts will be created.

2. Test

The check-list definition and compilation phase can be performed with the " test " tool, which can be filled in asynchronously.

3. Videoconference, Repository, Forum and Chat

Interviews can be conducted with the "videoconference" tool, and objective evidence can be placed in the " Repository ". Contact with the company can be effectively maintained with the tools of the collaborative area, such as forums and chats.

4. Scores and Scoreboard

The audit activity must be objective in defining the results , and for this purpose we can use the assignment of test scores and the " report card " tool can represent a precise summary.

Not only audits: the Management Review

In short, with a few minor changes to the nomenclature, Forma Lms can be a perfect tool not only for auditing: by letting your imagination run wild, it is also suitable for " Management Review ", another system characteristic of the systems ISO 9000.

5. Wiki and Projects

For this reason, the wiki function is useful for processing the management review document shared between consultant and company, and the " projects " function as a tool for processing tasks for continuous improvement .

Ergoservice has successfully tested these potentials with its customers, and is able to offer support to those interested in this innovative use of the platform.

Stefano Valsecchi by Ergoservice

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