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An "administrator" is a user that can access the LMS backend with limited visibility and permissions ove features, users and courses.


You can have an unlimited number of administrators.

Three basic steps to setup an administrator:

  1. Set some user with the level "administrator"
  2. Create or edit an administrator profile, with assignment of the respective permissions to each profile
  3. Assign to the user the desired aministrator profile
  4. Associate the users and course to be managed by each administrator


Create an administrator

Any existing user can be configured as an administrator by setting this level in his personal user profile, from the global user management area.


Administrator Profile

From this page you can create and manage Administrator Profiles

A Profile is a settings template that can be assigned to multiple users. Changes to a profile will affect all the users assigned to that profile


administrator profile explained

Special Setttings

Click on the "Special Settings" icon to set some global configurations for this admin profile:

administrator special settings

Edit Settings

From this page you will be able to define the permissions on most of the backed features for the administrators assigned to this profile:


administrator edit settings

Language Settings

Give this user edit permissions on some specific languages in the language management area

Manage Subscriptions

See a list of the users assigned to this profile

Administrator Management

administrator management

Assign Profile

Click to assign a profile to this administrator

Assign Users

Select wich users this administrator will be able to view and managed, based on his profile settings. It's possible to assign:

  • A list of single selected users
  • One or more org-chart nodes
  • All the users with some selected company role
  • Users by group

Assign Courses

Select wich courses this administrator will be able to view and managed, based on his profile settings.

There are three assignement options:

  • All  courses
  • Some selected courses
  • All the courses in a selected catalog

Assign Locations

Select if yhis administrator can manage some location configurations


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