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Welcome to Forma Lms' Community Blog!

Hi to all the loyal followers of our great LMS, Forma.lms, today we are launching a new and important initiave: the forma community blog!

More than just a "product blog"

Much more than just features and technical matters, this brand new place is meant to be the voice of the community.

WE ARE 4 founding companies, almost 4.000 forum members, dozens of members of our association: a strong community of people and companies with real-life elearning experiences to share, a treasure of knowledge that we can share with the elearning world.

Beyond marketing buzzwords, here you will find precious and solid informations shared by people who really creates the elearning world, day after day:

  • Elearning trends and technologies: what is really happening out there in the digital training market? Do I really need AI for my elearning projects, what is microlearning, how to deploy a gamification project or an extended enterprise environment, how can I save money and time or create new businesses through digital training solutions and methodologies?
  • Forma, features and plugins: learn about the product roadmap and features, news from the forma association, discover how to benefit from all the forma core features, and how to extend them with new powerful plugins.
  • Case studies: all of the above mixed toghther, applied to real scenarios and brought to you by real people working for real companies.
  • Press release: News about events, exhibitions, launches from our eco-system of e-learning companies

This must be YOUR place

While all the other LMS' out there only talk about themselves and how great they are, let's show everybody how great YOU are.

Grab the opportunity to increase your visibility and reputation over thousands of people from the elearning community and blog readers. Enter this incredible showroom posting your own articles about your expertise, experiences, and services in the digital training sector. Present your own forma plugins and tell everybody about your interesting case studies. It's easy: just register and follow a few simple posting guidelines.


All the registered users can submit articles, and if you need more become a company member to get extra visibilty with your articles featured on the website home page and newsletters, and the exclusive press release area.

Up to date with the Forma Newsletter

Featured articles will also be distributed with a periodic newsletter open to everybody, another powerful channel to stay up-to-date with the elearning trends and Forma news, and to reach an exceptional audiens with your articles.


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