LTI settings

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LTI settings

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I have a problem, can you help me please?

Forma LMS where I can access settings for "LTI"
Forma LMS advertises that it is based on Docebo LMS, which in turn has LTI settings: ... ngobjects/

Therefore I expect that Forma LMS should also have these settings available. However I'm not sure where to find that.

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Re: LTI settings

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what you say about our ties to Docebo Lms is not correct. Forma Lms has been developed starting from the OLD Docebo 4X Community Edition, an open source product that existed until 2012.
Right now, Forma is more and more detaching from that old application and the upcoming Forma 2.0 will detach it even more.

With your link, you are referring to the CURRENT Docebo Lms, a totally different application that has NOTHING to do with Forma Lms. Also, the Docebo company has nothing to do with Forma Lms.

Forma doesnt support LTI, that's why you are not finding those settings.
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