Installation stuck at 7/8 Screen

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Re: Installation stuck at 7/8 Screen

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Hi Max,

I understand that for you it is not a bug... i actually followed all the steps to resolve the SMTP issue but it is still not working. I really like the forma lms but these issues are putting in dilemma :D

I actually had a client presentation, where i need to showcase the features of Forma LMS, but now i will not be able to do so because of SMTP not working...

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Re: Installation stuck at 7/8 Screen

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Stop there. You're not able because you can't debug properly and don't want to hire someone who can. It's like to be annoyed because the car won't start when you don't want to buy fuel. Please count one two three before writing such stupid things and if you're not satisfied with forma just switch to everything else (and I bet you'll have other issues).
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