Forma 1.3 released!

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Forma 1.3 released!

Post by alberto »

Hi all, the new release of Forma Lms 1.3 is now available for download.
This release includes several bug and security fixes, and introduces a few important new features for developers:

a) Plugin manager: now you can build your own plugins and automatically execute it. Some basic documentation will be available soon.
b) BigBlueButton and Teleskill plugins. The old module version of BB and teleskill integration is still working an active by default, enable the plugin system to activate the plugin version. The module version will be deprecated and dropped when the plugin system will be stable.
c) Alternate template engine TWIG: you can now build views with the inlcuded TWIG engine, superseeding the standard views in the custom engine (php).
d) Files override: you can now place your modified version of forma core files in a "custom scripts" folder structure. When a customized file is found will be used instead of the core file.
e) PHP 5.5 and 5.6 compatibility: forma.lms can now be installed with php 5.5 and 5.6 version, NO tests were made with these versions of php, so please provide feedback on any issue you may find.

These new features are still in BETA STAGE and not for use in production sites, please test test test and let us know your impressions.
The complete changelog is now published HERE.

A special thanks to kingbluz, lasernic, and all the community members that keep supporting the project and actively sharing their time and knowledge, making all this possible.

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Re: Forma 1.3 released!

Post by sachintholia »

Congrats to team

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Re: Forma 1.3 released!

Post by renato.gambella »

Congratulazioni e ... grazie!! ;-)

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Re: Forma 1.3 released!

Post by drgallegos »

Where is the file to download? And, can I have you all upgrade for me for your fee?

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Re: Forma 1.3 released!

Post by canelli »

hi drgallegos,

the downloads repository is hosted by sourceforge projects forma.
You can download the 1.3 release
in zip format or
in gzip format

contact us with PM If you need assistance

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Re: Forma 1.3 released!

Post by davide.desimone »

grandi!! la provo subito!

un po' di documentazione sui plugin?

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Re: Forma 1.3 released!

Post by onorato »

Salve, e grazie per quello che state facendo.
Utilizzo dicevo da tanto e non vedo l'ora di installare la vs versione di forma.
Prima di farlo però vorrei leggere il manuale (come mi viene consigliato), ma non lo trovo!!!!!

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Re: Forma 1.3 released!

Post by max »

Buongiorno Onorato, grazie a te e benvenuto.
Allora, ecco i riferimenti
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Tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11877
Manuali (sono i manuali di Docebo OS, quelli di Forma arriveranno, ma per molte cose vanno ancora bene quelli di D. OS)

Qui invece trovi il CHANGELOG e le istruzioni per installare o AGGIORNARE direttamente da D. 0S
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