Suggestion - Course Evaluation

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Suggestion - Course Evaluation

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first of all, thanks for reborning Docebo. I'm following this project since Spaghetti Learning :)

Well, similar to Assessment function in Docebo, i think that could be a good idea to have a new function - "Course Evaluation". This way students could evaluate the course that they just perform and provide some feedback about it.

We students feedback, teacher could improve or change some of the information or the learning object in a next version, for instance.

What do you think about it?


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Re: Suggestion - Course Evaluation

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Hi Marco and welcome on board, you are indeed a very loyal follower if you use Docebo since SpaghettiLearning!

Yes, your idea could be nice especially in environments where social learning is important. If I remember well, some "social" functions are already there (most popular content) or at least were there in D.3.6. One could start from there.

More than a complete function, I'd rather settle for a rating system (1 to 5 stars) like in social networks.
The rating would also be useful for other students, rather than only for teachers. Either in a "social" environment or in a "commercial" environment , so that you might like to buy the courses with the best rating.
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