Assessment: Types of Test Questions

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Assessment: Types of Test Questions

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Have created an Exam with 80 Questions. It has several drag and drop questions and some others questions with multiple fill in the blank answers. The fill in the blank answers are configuration command lines that require multiple entries to get a whole answer correct. Is it possible to create these type questions with Forma LMS 1.4.1? It does not seem like drag and drop is possible.

The 80 question exam is a Scorm file that plays in Forma LMS, but after it plays all I get is a final score when the Scorm object is done playing the 80 questions. It would be nice to get the questions in Forma LMS so I could use the reporting features and suggest a page number in the book to lookup if a question is missed. I think that is possible with the Forma LMS comment section. It would be nice to create a dashboard for the students to see progress if the assessment is taken multiple times and that looks very possible with Forma LMS. Also, I like the time per question and time per test features in Forma LMS so I would really like to find a way to make this work. Hoping you have some suggestions. Thanks for your help.

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Re: Assessment: Types of Test Questions

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Hi Bill,

thank you for your input and your suggestions.

Yes, it could be a nice feature to implement these types of questions with Forma. I think it could be easier to do that than having the LMS fully report the results of a scorm object...

We do not have this change request in our roadmap. If you are interested in developing it, you might consider sponsoring this feature. Let us know if you want to discuss further.

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