Different URL for different nodes

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Different URL for different nodes

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How can I create different URLs and templates for different companies/different nodes?

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Re: Different URL for different nodes

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Hi, welcome on board.

You need to implement some steps to achieve that, but you do it in a few minutes

1) create different templates for your customers >> you do that by duplicating and renaming the templates folder. Then you can replace company_logo.png, image.jpg, favicon.ico and favicon.png in the duplicated template

2) you assign the different templates to different nodes >> click on the "edit" icon for every node. That way, if a user is in a node, he will see the assigned template after the login

3) you need to create the different URL >> you do that with your DNS panel, not inside Forma. Then make your different URL's point to your platform's IP address or DNS. You normally do that with a CNAME record.

4) Go to https://docs.formalms.org/reference-gui ... ation.html >> point 5 and associate the different URL's to the different templates. >> that way every address will be associated with a different template even in the login page.

Please see the attachment for the correct syntax >> url without http and www, a comma without a space, the template name.

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