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Create your contents on Forma Lms with H5P

Do you want to create interactive and multimedia content directly on Forma Lms without having to create Scorm objects? Now you can, with the new H5P plugin! Let's discover H5P together and how you can get it.

 What Is H5P?

H5P is an open source external application for creating rich, interactive and multimedia HTML5 content. Take a look here: Examples and Downloads | H5P

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è h5p.png


There are already many types of content that you can use such as interactive videos, presentations, hotspots and image galleries.

Important: as of today H5P DOES NOT publish scorms, but only interactive contents. If scorm tracking is important to you, this plugin will not replace traditional courses created with Scorm editors.

How to Use It in Forma LMS?

H5P is a separate application: How can I use it inside Forma Lms?

Simple: in order to get the H5P plugin, you must be a customer of one of Forma's founding members or be a member of our association yourself .

Once H5P is installed, you'll have a new type of learning object at your disposal. From inside Forma you can either create a new interactive content (drawing from the H5P.org library) or load a previously saved H5P file.

Forma becomes LCMS

In this way Forma becomes a Learning Content Management System, i.e. a learning management system enriched by an integrated content creation system, making your favorite LMS even more powerful and performing.

H5P: An Example of Open Innovation

This integration, which required a significant investment, was financed 50% by a member and 50% by the association itself.

For this reason, the plugin has been made freely available only to members and customers.

The path that led to this development is an example of the ways in which we do open innovation, like crowdfunding (the new management of learning objects was partially financed in this way) or through the partial contribution of members.

Every day we also invest our time in improving Forma, just as our customers invest in developing new features or improving existing ones. However, unusual developments require different funding sources. If you also have new integrations or developments in mind for Forma, please contact us!

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