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"from so simple a beginning
endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful
have been, and are being, evolved"

C. Darwin



Forma LMS 3.0.0

This is the latest stable release, only available to Association Members and Contributors.
Read below the detailed list of changes and improvements



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Forma LMS 2.4.4

Public stable release, available for everyone to download.
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Forma 2.0 RELEASED!!!!!

And so finally it's here, Forma 2.0 has been released and is now available for download. Here is a brief summary of the main changes in your favourite Learning Management Platform...
This new major release arrives one year after the latest version, on the firs day of Summer 2018,  and brings many important changes.
Here is a brief summary of the main news:
  1. New Responsive Layout. The layout has been redesigned with a more modern graphic and, above all, it has been rewritten to be "responsive" and automatically adapt to navigation even from tablets and smartphones

  2. Improved User Experience. User experience has been redesigned to grant users a better site navigation: menus and links to access the different sections are now reorganized for easier navigation, a new user panel collects personal user informations, new icons... just try it!

  3. New and improved features. First, the new plugin management system will let you extend Forma with endless new features.  But in youl'll find also new additional fields, and many existing features that have been rewritten or improved (import users from CSV, a new gradebook, test LO improvements, ...)

  4. Improved Core Technology. The whole Forma "engine" has been updated and improved introducing compatibility with the latest versions of PHP and new frameworks (bootstrap, composer, sass, ...). Many modules have been rewritten, starting a work that will continue in the next releases. All of this brings significant improvements to the performance and overall maintainability of the software.
And more: changes changes for GDPR compliance, improved home page management, massive download of certificates, forum restyling, obsolete features removed, as well as dozens and dozens of bugfixes. So there's really a lot to explore in this release, if you want some more details  can take a look at the official changelog

Updating an existing platform

Updating an existing forma 1.4 (or docebo 3.6 and 4.0) can be easily done with the upgrade wizard, just pay attention to the following relevant changes:
  • Server requirements have changed, php 5.3 is no longer supported., while support is granted up to php 7.0
  • Template: old templates are not compatible with the new layout, create your new template cloning and customizing the standard one.
  • Course logo and description: due to the new layout reload course logos (the optimal size is 400x140px), and insert in each course configuration proper descriptions to be displayed in the new boxes
  • Removed features: some features have been removed, especially Public Administrators (old public admin are "downgraded" to users, you can reassign the desired level and profile)
  • SSO: if you are using SSO for user access, youl''have to change the access url caled by your application to http://yourformalms.domin.com/index .php?r=adm/homepage/ss
Before installing or upgrading, please READ CAREFULLY ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS AND RELEASE NOTES you can find in the README file inside the installation package
And now....

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