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"from so simple a beginning
endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful
have been, and are being, evolved"

C. Darwin



Forma LMS 4.0.5

This is the latest stable release, only available to Association Members and Contributors.
Read below the detailed list of changes and improvements



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Forma LMS 3.3.22

Public stable release, available for everyone to download.
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Forma LMS 3.3


Forma 3.3.0 has been released, featuring some major core improvements, feature refactorings and many bugfixes.

Please check compatibility with your plugins' vendor before upgrading

Version 3.3 is available to association members and contributors.
Forma LMS 3.2.1 is now available for public download
Support for previous versions will be discontinued.


Forma 3.3 Changelog

Core Improvements: a global technology improvement introducing the httpfoundation component:

  • New session management: sessions can now be stored optionally in different modes such as filesystem, redis, database and more to be implemented
  • PHP Namespaces compatibility
  • Added serializer component

Feature Improvements: Refactored Communications management (admin side)


Other minor fixes in this release:

- # - implement new session management with more session handlers
- # - refactoring of project autoloading with the activation of namespaces
- # - fix report user course selector
- # - fix count student and list certificate for admin users
- # - fix show user catalogue
- # - fix export link in reservation page
- # - fix date show in courses block
- # - fix courses dashboard block dates
- # - fix twig extensions
- # - fix and refactor course copy
- # - fix and refactor check learning object prerequisites
- # - fix pagination in enrollRules
- # - homecatalogue fix categories show when there isn't visible to all courses
- # - hide courses with show_rules not equal to 0
- # - add index in core_setting table
- # - fix user handling on duplicate course
- # - create folder missing object creation fix
- # - fix twig cache and deleted user list only for superadmin
- # - fix dashboard welcome block
- #20084 - missing installation of dashboard_permission table.
- #20085 - complete catalog refactor fix
- #20085 - fix and refactor home catalogue
- #20083 - fixed using the right param
- #20082 - added calendarID parameter on learning_course_date table
- #20081 - Undo button: from submit to button and added a history.back command
- #20079 - Fixed: "Directly play the first Learning Object in the player" in course setting does not work
- #20077 - fix error err_http2_protocol_error download certificate
- #20076 - UserManagementAdm: in addFolder method added saving of template name; UsermanagementAdmController in createfolder method added managing of default template in case of admin without "org modify" permission.

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